Whiskas 1+ Cat Complete Dry Cat Food - Beef - 2kg

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Whiskas 1+ Cat Complete Dry Cat Food - Beef is a complete Cat Food. Your puss will love the crispy pocket kibble filled with tasty beef.

Why should I buy Whiskas 1+ Cat Complete Dry Cat Food - Beef?

Whiskas 1+ Cat Complete Dry Cat Food - Beef is a complete and balanced dry food for adult cats. Because each kibble has a delicious meaty chicken filling, hungry kitties find them irresistible. Every scrumptious mouthful contains essential Omega 6 fatty acids and Zinc. Therefore, at each mealtime, your pet is receiving essential ingredients for maintaining healthy skin and a glossy coat. For when your pussy is out on the prowl, 1+ Cat Complete Dry Food also includes Vitamin A for maintaining good vision.

Whiskas 1+ Cat Complete Dry Cat Food - Beef helps with dental hygiene, due to each crunchy kibble having a gentle abrasive action to clean your cat's teeth whilst they eat. Whiskas is developed by experts at The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition. As a result each scrumptious serving contains all the nutrition and essential vitamins and minerals that your furry friend needs to stay in peak condition.

What is in Whiskas 1+ Cat Complete Dry Cat Food - Beef ?

Ingredients: Cereals, Meat and Animal Derivatives (including 4% Beef in the Red Kibbles), Vegetable Protein Extracts, Oils and Fats (including 0.25% Fish Oil, 0.1% Sunflower Oil), Minerals (including 0.2% Sodium Tripolyphosphate), Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Vegetables (4% Carrots in the Orange Kibbles, 4% Peas in the Green Kibbles), Antioxidants, Colourants.

Nutritional Analysis (%): Protein: 32, Fat content: 10.5Inorganic matter: 8, Crude fibres: 1.5, Taurine 1300 mg/kg.

Nutritional additives (per kg): Vitamin A:14000 IU, Vitamin D3:1550 IU, Vitamin E:165 mg, Cupric sulphate pentahydrate:10.1 mg, Manganous sulphate monohydrate:26.5 mg, Potassium iodide:0.85 mg, Zinc sulphate monohydrate:118 mg.

How much Whiskas 1+ Cat Complete Dry Cat Food - Beef should I give to my cat?

The guideline feeding chart below is for dry food only. It is recommended to feed a mixture of wet and dry food and to adjust the amount of food to the body condition and activity level of your cat. Always ensure that plenty of fresh drinking water is available.

 Cat weight (kg)  Daily amount (g)
3  45
4  55
5  65

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