Tetra Aqua Art Starter Aquarium 30 Litre

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Tetra Aqua Art Starter Aquarium is a great starter fish tank which is robust and easy to maintain.

Why Should I Buy Tetra Aqua Art Starter Aquarium?

Tetra Aqua Art Starter Aquarium is a great choice for families who are new to keeping fish. It includes a high quality glass aquarium, a lid with a T5 fluorescent light, and an EasyCrystal Water Filter. What's more it even comes with two replacement Tetra EasyCrystal filter cartridges, fish food and water conditioner. Just replace the EasyCrystal filter cartridge every 4 weeks or so, it as simple as that.

Tetra Aqua Art Starter Aquarium is a high quality tank made out of 4mm thick distortion free float glass. The robust lid houses an 8w T5 Sylvania bulb providing excellent illumination for admiring your colourful fish. Furthermore it has large openings for easy access and feeding. There is even a guide - 'Setting up a coldwater Aquarium'. So all you need to provide is the  water, gravel, some aquatic plants and the fish!

What's in The Box?

High quality Tetra glass aquarium

Lid with an 8W T5 Sylvania fluorescent bulb

EasyCrystal Filter and attachments

2 x Replacement EasyCrystal filter cartridges

Tetra Goldfish Food 100ml

Tetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner 100ml

'Setting up a coldwater aquarium' brochure

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