SuperFish Start 70 Tropical Aquarium - White


SuperFish Start 70 Tropical Aquarium - White is a complete and affordable starter Aquarium with a heater, filter and LED lighting. Perfect if you're just starting your fishkeeping hobby.

Why Should I Choose SuperFish Start 70 Tropical Aquarium?

SuperFish Start 70 Tropical Aquarium is the perfect introduction to keeping tropical fish. This Tropical Kit is a complete set, therefore it comes with an Aqua-Flow 200 built-in filtration system and a heater. Furthermore, with a 11W Retro LED lighting system your fish will really stand out in this tank. To keep your Tropical pets toasty warm a SuperFish 100W Start Heater completes the package.

SuperFish Start 70 Tropical Aquarium also comes complete with Bacto Starter filter starter to condition the water. This removes ammonia and nitrites as well as introducing fish friendly bacteria. With a handy fish net, Hikari Fish Food and a thermometer you are ready to go. Just add some water, gravel, plants and, of course, some exotic fish!

SuperFish Start 70 measures 58 x 28 x 45cm and has a capacity of approx. 60 litres.

What's in The Box?

High quality SuperFish glass aquarium with lid

Aqua-Flow 200 filter

Start Heater 100 Watt

11W Retro LED lighting


Bacto Start filter starter

Hikari Tropical Fish Food

Fish net

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