SuperFish Start 30 Tropical Aquarium - White


SuperFish Start 30 Tropical Aquarium - White is the perfect introductory fish tank. It's a very affordable kit that includes lighting, internal filtration, an aquarium heater and handy Aquatics accessories to get you started. What's more, this tank comes in black or white, so that you can choose which colour would suit your home décor.

Why Should I Choose SuperFish Start 30 Tropical Aquarium - White?

SuperFish Start 30 Tropical Aquarium - White is super easy to maintain. The aquarium lid has a handy flap to make feeding your fish easy and accessible. Additionally, the whole lid lifts off to make access easy for cleaning and maintenance.

Complete Starter Kit

What's more, these complete starter kits are perfect for the beginner fish keeper. It comes with a bunch of handy accessories to get you going in your Aquatics hobby. Included in the box is some fish food, tap water conditioner, a fish net, a thermometer and filter bacteria start. Plus, the LED lighting is highly energy efficient and the light spectrum helps to highlight the fishes natural colours. The internal filter is efficient with a dual action filter cartridge. This consists of 3 forms of filtration. Mechanical, biological and chemical.

SuperFish Start 50 measures 36 x 22 x 37cm and has a capacity of approx. 25 litres.

What's In The Box?

High quality SuperFish glass aquarium with lid

Aqua-Flow 50 filter

Start Heater 50 Watt

3.5W LED lighting


Bacto Start filter starter

Hikari Tropical Fish Food

Fish net

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