SuperFish Start 100 Aquarium Stand - White


SuperFish Start 100 Aquarium Stand - White is designed to hold your SuperFish Start 100 Tropical Aquarium. This streamlined aquarium stand will be the centrepiece of your home, as it's the perfect size to fit in your home. What's more, you can use fish tanks of a similar dimension on this stand. Coming in both white and black, although large, this Start 100 Aquarium Stand features a modern, lightweight design that won't look bulky, no matter how big it is.

Why Should I Choose SuperFish Start 100 Aquarium Stand?

SuperFish Start 100 Aquarium Stand in White is an ideal stand for your SuperFish Start 100 Tropical Aquarium. This stand makes displaying your large fish tank in your home easy, and will become part of the furniture. Perfectly proportioned, rest assured this aquarium stand will not look bulky in your home.

Integrated Storage Shelf

What's more, this white aquarium stand features a handy integrated storage shelf. This is ideal for storing your fish food, nets, Aquatics accessories, and is even perfect for decorations such as plants. Please note this is the Aquarium Stand only. You will receive this cabinet flat packed and it will require assembly before use.

What Are The Specifications Of SuperFish Start 70 Aquarium Stand?

Cabinet Dimensions (L x W x H) 69 x 36 x 74 cm

Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 69 x 36 x 125 cm

Shelving provides storage

Comes flat-packed

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