SuperFish Retro LED+ Lighting Controller


SuperFish Retro LED+ Lighting Controller is an automatic control box for Retro LED aquarium lighting.

Why should I buy SuperFish Retro LED+ Lighting Controller?

SuperFish Retro LED+ is a super cool lighting device. Because you can program your Aquariums lighting to suit both you and your fish. So no more jumping out of bed to switch on the LED lights. Simply lie back and relax whilst your Loaches, Guppies and Tetras can enjoy a swim in brilliant LED opulence.

What's more Retro LED+ Controller can adjust the length of lighting transition. Which means that you can set sunrise or sunset to between 30 seconds and 10 minutes duration. As a result your tropical pals can have a more natural start and finish to their day. This controller is compatible with all SuperFish Retro LED lights except Retro Multi LED lighting.

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