SuperFish QUBIQ 60 PRO Aquarium - Black


SuperFish QUBIQ 60 PRO Aquarium - Black has a beautiful, unique design, allowing this fish tank to fit into any interior. SuperFish have designed this fish tank for ease of use. Additionally, it's ideal for people with little or no experience in keeping fish. You'll love this aquarium if you want to spend little time on maintenance.

Why Should I Choose SuperFish QUBIQ 60 PRO Aquarium?

SuperFish QUBIQ 60 PRO Aquarium in Black features an integrated filter containing a biological white crystal clear cartridge giving you clean and healthy water. It features complete ease of access, too. Plus, the simple replaceable design makes maintenance of this fish tank super quick and easy so it's perfect if you're just starting out in your Aquatics hobby. If stocked appropriately, the modern filter system of the QUBIQ keeps this aquarium water extremely clean, and ensures fewer water changes.

Modern Design

In addition to this, SuperFish have specially designed QUBIQ aquariums as an attractive desktop nano aquarium. You can hide the filter and heater cables through the smart cable support on the back, too. As well as this, QUBIQ comes equipped with a glass cover to prevent any fish jumping out.

LED Lighting

You'll love that the SuperFish QUBIQ 60 PRO Aquarium comes equipped with a 2 colour (white and blue) 12 W LED light. This brings out the natural colours of the fish and provides a space for healthy plant growth. What's more, you can control the light by a simple touch button on the top of the hood, and you can dim it in 3 separate steps. The light hood folds up for easy aquarium access.

What Are The Specifications Of SuperFish QUBIQ 60 PRO Aquarium?

Volume: 60 L

Aquarium Dimensions (L x W x H): 40 x 40 x 51 cm

Filter: Inbuilt filter with Crystal Clear

Heater: N/A

Lighting: 12 W LED

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