SuperFish QUBIQ 30 LED Aquarium - Black

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SuperFish QUBIQ 30 LED Aquarium - Black

SuperFish QUBIQ 30 LED Aquarium Kit - Black is a  stunning cube aquarium. It comes with 5W LED lights and an integrated filter.

Why should I buy SuperFish QUBIQ 30 LED Aquarium?

SuperFish QUBIQ 30 LED Aquarium is stylish cube aquarium designed for ease of use, and simple to maintain. So it is perfect if you are new to keeping fish or if you have a busy lifestyle. This stylish cube has two colour (white and blue) 5W lights, so it shows your tropical beauties off to stunning effect. What's more the efficient filter keeps the water sparkly clean and reduces how often it needs to be changed. Simply replace the filter cartridge when required

SuperFish QUBIQ Aquarium is also ideal for keeping exotic and tropical fish. Because there is an integrated area for a water heater (not included). It also features a tidy cable support at the rear. Being a handy cube design it is very space efficient, so is perfect for small apartments or use in a bedroom. There is even a glass lid to keep more adventurous fish from jumping out.

SuperFish QUBIQ 30 LED measures 32 x 32 x 42.5cm and has a capacity of approx. 30 litres.

What's in The Box?

High quality SuperFish glass aquarium 

Glass lid

Integrated biological filter

Two colour 5W LED Lights

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