SuperFish Pond Eco Pump 15000 - 14200 L/h - 175w

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SuperFish Pond Eco Pump 15000 - 14200 L/h - 175w is a powerful water pump for all types of pond. Not only is it easy to install but is also virtually maintenance free.

Why should I buy SuperFish Pond Eco Pump 15000 - 14200 L/h - 175w?

Superfish Pond Eco Pump 1500 is a powerful synchronous pump for all shapes and sizes of garden pond. Not only that it is also very affordable, this Aquatics product is easy to install and is virtually maintenance free. Plus it has a whole host of great features. For example the drive and gear wheels are ceramic drive which means they wear less. Plus the special vortex blades can transport any coarse debris up to 8mm. Furthermore there is a multi-step rotating hose connection. 

Superfish Pond Eco Pump 15000 isn't suitable for dry mounted use.

What are the specifications of SuperFish Pond Eco Pump 15000 - 14200 L/h - 175w?

Maximum pump capacity 14.200L/h

Maximum head 4,1m

Outlet 25/32/40 mm

Power 175w

Cord length 10m

Size 27,5 x 11,2 x 17,6 cm

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