SuperFish Mag-Clean - Large


SuperFish Mag-Clean - Large is a super handy Aquarium cleaning accessory. The clever magnetic pad cleans on the inside keeping your hands clean and dry.

Why should I buy SuperFish Mag-Clean - Large?

Mag-Clean is a vital piece of kit for cleaning your Aquarium. It clears algae off the inside of your fish tank without having to put your arm in the water. This is because it works by connecting two magnetic halves, one on the inside and one on the outside of your tank. Therefore you can easily steer this natty Aquatic cleaning pad into the most troublesome spots leaving everything nice and sparkly.

This clever aquatic cleaning tool features a floating inner in the unlikely event it becomes detached. Consequently, it is easy-peasy to scoop up out of the water. Keeping your aquarium clean is very important for the health of fish. Furthermore, it makes visibility in your tank crystal clear. So you can admire your collection of exotic tropical beauties. Superfish Mag-Clean is just the ticket for a spic and span fish emporium.

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