SuperFish Home 85 Aquarium - White


SuperFish Home 85 Aquarium - White is a must-have, stand out modern plug and play aquarium with a built-in filter. Additionally, this centre piece for your home comes equipped with energy efficient LED 'Sunrise Lighting'. Sunrise Lighting simulates a natural sunrise by intensifying the light level slowly to a maximum over a 30 second period. This makes it ideal for Aqua-scaping, or other Aquatics hobbies. additionally, this fish tank comes with a remote control for ease of use.

Why Should I Choose SuperFish Home 85 Aquarium - White?

SuperFish Home 85 Aquarium - White is a must-have Aqua-scaping aquarium from SuperFish. With an included remote control, rest assured you'll have complete control over this tank. With everything you need to start a cold water aquarium, as well as plenty of space, what more could you need?

Cleverly Designed Tank

As well as this, SuperFish have cleverly designed the Home range to be disguised by the white coloured centre frame that fully wraps around the aquarium. This gives it a modern elevated design. The Home 85 tank will be a centre-piece to your home. In addition to this, these tanks are specially designed for Aqua-scaping to create a nano planted tank. This is perfect for smaller fish and shrimps. Included is a cover which helps to stop any unwanted jumps to freedom, keeping your fish in and any unwanted pests out.

What Are The Specifications For SuperFish Home 85 Aquarium?

80 L tank

Dimensions: 65 x 31 x 56 cm

Filter: Aqua Flow 300

22 W LED lighting

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