SuperFish Home 30 Aquarium - White


SuperFish Home 30 Aquarium - White is a fantastic desktop starter aquarium. It includes everything you need to set up your very own small cold-water aquarium, with plenty of space for a heater should you fancy scaping a tropical aquarium. What's more, SuperFish have specially disguised all of the equipment inside the tank by designing it with a coloured centre frame that fully wraps around the aquarium. This gives it a modern, elevated design.

Why Should I Choose SuperFish Home 30 Aquarium - White?

SuperFish Home 30 Aquarium - White is a must-have desktop aquarium from SuperFish. This tank is specifically designed for Aqua-scaping and Aquatics hobbies. As well as this, it's perfect if you don't have much room for a larger tank in your home. Or if you're after a smaller one to fill a small area. SuperFish have fitted this aquarium with a built-in discrete filter cover which his perfect for the included filter. Home 30 includes a three-stage mechanical filtration system which provides clean and clear water for your aquarium, whatever you decide to put inside it.

Cleverly Designed Aquarium

You'll love how SuperFish have cleverly designed the the Home 30 Aquarium to disguise the internal system. It features a white frame surrounding the entire tank. This not only covers certain elements inside the tank, but provides you with a modern, sleek looking fish tank for your space. You'll find LED Sunrise Lighting in this tank too, which simulates a natural sunrise by intensifying the light level slowly to a maximum over a 30 second period.

Made For Aqua Scaping

Lastly, you will love that this tank has been designed for aqua-scaping. You can easily use Home 30 to design a small, nano planted tank. This also makes it perfect for small fish and shrimp.

What Are The Specifications Of SuperFish Home 30 Aquarium?

25 L volume tank

47 x 25 x 29 cm

Filter: Aqua Range 100

No heater included

12 W LED lighting

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