SuperFish Combi-Heater & Protector - 300w

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SuperFish Combi-Heater & Protector - 300W

SuperFish Combi-Heater & Protector - 300W is a reliable thermostatic aquarium heater for warm water fish.

Why should I buy SuperFish Combi-Heater & Protector?

Superfish Combi-Heater & Protector is a really effective submersible water heater  for tropical fish Aquariums. Because it has a sensitive thermostat it regulates a constant water temperature. So your Zebrafish, Guppies and Siamese Fighting Fish will enjoy balmy tropical waters. With 300W power this heater is suitable for Aquariums up to 200 litres in capacity. Furthermore, it can raise the water temperature 10 degrees above room temperature.

In addition, SuperFish Combi-Heater & Protector has been cleverly designed so the temperature setting switch is at the top for easy adjustment. What's more it features 2.3mm safety glass as well as a safety shield.  It measures 35.5cm.

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