SuperFish Aqua-Flow 50 Aquarium Filter

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SuperFish Aqua-Flow 50 Aquarium Filter is a compact internal filter for aquariums up to 50 litres in capacity.

Why should I buy SuperFish SuperFish Aqua-Flow 50?

SuperFish Aqua-Flow 50 is an easy to install and highly effective filter for both cold and warm water Aquariums. This effective filter removes contaminants leaving the water clear and clean. Furthermore, the filtration process breaks down bacteria so it makes a much healthier environment for your fish. The Aqua-Flow 50 is also easy to install and features a click in cartridge, which is really simple to replace.

Suitable for Aquariums up to 50 litres in capacity the Aqua-Flow 50 can  filter up to 100 litres per hour. In addition, SuperFish filters feature a CystalMax porous filter made from sintered glass. As well as absorbing micro-organisms, it effectively removes harmful substances. such as ammonia, nitrates and phosphates. The Aqua-Flow 50 is powered by a 3 watt motor and the flow rate is adjustable to suit the size of your aquarium.

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