SuperFish Aqua-Flow 300 Aquarium Filter


SuperFish Aqua-Flow 300 Aquarium Filter is the ideal filter for Aquariums up to 300L. The SuperFish Aqua-Flow Filter pumps are a dual action filtration system suitable for both cold water and tropical aquariums.

Why Should I Choose SuperFish Aqua-Flow 300 Aquarium Filter?

SuperFish Aqua-Flow 300 Aquarium Filter is the ideal filter for your aquarium up to 300 litres. This filter features a dual action filter cartridge that consists of a foam filter and active carbon. These work together to remove organic contamination, chemicals, and dyes from the water. The Aqua-Flow 300 Filter also features an adjustable out flow and comes with a spray bar attachment for the outlet. You can secure this filter pump to the aquarium glass using the suction cups supplied.

Easy To Use

What's more, the cartridge features an Easy Click system which allows for simple and fast filter cartridge changing. SuperFish recommend that the filter cartridge is changed once per month to maintain maximum performance results.

What Are The Specifications For SuperFish Aqua-Flow 300 Aquarium Filter?

Dimensions (H x W x D): 23cm x 6cm x 7cm

Wattage: 7w 

Maximum flow rate: 540lph

Maximum aquarium size: 300 litres

Flow adjustable

Spray bar included

Dual action filtration system that is applicable to cold water and tropical fish

Includes filter foam cartridge and active carbon

Easy click filter cartridge replacement system

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