SuperFish Air-Flow Mini


SuperFish Air-Flow Mini is a compact yet powerful air pump that provides water movement in the aquarium. It is perfect for creating oxygen-rich water as well as creating an attractive stream of bubbles for your Aquatics.

Why should I buy SuperFish Air-Flow Mini?

This compact air pump provides water movement in your fish tank or aquarium. This provides oxygen to your tropical fish, which is important for their overall health. Plus, the air bubbles create a decorative effect to create a soothing appearance. In addition, this SuperFish air flow pump comes with a free replacement membrane to prolong its usage. 

What is the specification of SuperFish Air-Flow Mini?

Power: 1.8 Watt

Capacity: 78 L/h

Aquarium: 0-50 litres

Air pressure: 0.015 MPa

Outlets: 1

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