Skudo Open Top Pet Carrier - Medium

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Skudo Open Top Pet Carrier - Medium

Skudo Open Top Pet Carrier is a secure carrier for when you need to take your pet in the car. It is ideal for smaller dogs and larger cats.

Why Should I Choose Skudo Open Top Pet Carrier?

Skudo Open Top Pet Carrier is a sturdy Accessory for keeping your pet safe and secure when you are out and about. It is ideal for trips such as going to the vet or heading off to the kennels or cattery. Because it is made from tough plastic it is extremely durable and also is easy to clean. What's more the opening panels provide plenty of ventilation and light for your pet. 

The Open Top Carrier features two doors for convenient and easy access. There is one on the top and one at the front depending how you wish to access your pet. With sturdy metal grilles and equipped with safety locks, this carrier is extra secure. Another natty feature is that the Skudo Open Top Carrier unclips into two halves. Making it simple to maintain and clean.

What size is Skudo Open Top Pet Carrier?

The carrier measures 55 x 36 x 35cm and is perfect for larger Cats and smaller sized dogs.

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