Skinners Field & Trial Dog Food - Turkey & Rice - 15kg


Skinners Field & Trial Dog Food - Turkey & Rice is a complete and hypoallergenic Dog Food and contains joint aid for dogs for daily maintenance.

Why should I buy Skinners Field & Trial Dog Food - Turkey & Rice?

Skinners Field & Trial Dog Food - Turkey & Rice has been specifically formulated for working dogs with allergies or sensitivities and reduces the likelihood of digestive, skin and coat conditions associated with wheat, barley, maize, dairy products and soya. To protect and maintain your dog's joints and flexibility of movement it contains joint aid for dogs, providing a daily supplement.

Skinners Field & Trial Dog Food - Turkey & Rice contains British turkey meat meal and is an excellent source of of Omega 3:6 fatty acids, which helps dogs maintain a healthy immune system. It is coated in sunflower oil which provides a valuable source of energy and helps keep the coat in tip top condition. Skinners Field and Trial helps your dog maintain a glossy coat, healthy teeth and bones, builds strong muscles and supports their immune system.

What is in Skinners Field & Trial Dog Food - Turkey & Rice?

Ingredients: Whole rice, Turkey meat meal, Oats, Peas, Linseed, Sunflower oil, Beet pulp, Vitamins, Minerals and trace elements, Joint Aid supplement (2% comprising of glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, MSM, glutamine, curcumin, oils & fats, beta glucans, oligosaccharides)

Nutritional additives per kg: Vitamin A 13,000 iu, Vitamin D3 2,000 iu, Vitamin  E (as alpha-tocopherol acetate) 310 iu.

Trace Elements per kg: Iron (as ferrous sulphate monohydrate) 40mg, Iodine (as calcium iodate anhydrous) 1.5mg, Copper (as cupric sulphate pentahydrate) 5mg, Manganese (as manganous oxide) 25mg, Zinc (as zinc oxide) 100mg, Zinc (as zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate) 30mg, Selenium (as sodium selenite) 0.1mg, Contains tocopherol rich extracts of natural origin (Vitamin E) as EC permitted antioxidant.

Analytical Constituents: Crude protein 21%, Crude oils and fats 11%, Crude fibres 3%, Crude ash 6.2%.

How much Skinners Field & Trial Dog Food - Turkey & Rice should I give to my dog?

A dog's nutritional requirements will vary according to the amount of work undertaken, season, breed, gender and age. Field and Trial Turkey & Rice can be fed straight out of the bag or moistened with tepid water.

The recommended feeding amount is 100gm per 8kg of target adult dog body weight, divided into 2 meals per day. 

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