Scruffs Wilton Sofa Dog Bed - Blue - Medium


Scruffs Wilton Sofa Dog Bed - Blue - Medium is the ideal choice if you are looking for a Dog Bed that is super soft and cosy. This Dog Bed is perfect to place on your dog's favourite chair, sofa or bed. Thanks to its extended front cover, your furniture is protected from hair and doggy odours.

Why Should I Buy Scruffs Wilton Sofa Dog Bed?

As well as being super snug and comfy, the Scruffs Wilton Sofa Dog Bed is really versatile. Allow your little four-legged friend to relish in those guilt-free naps on the sofa. You will be able to relax knowing the extended front cover protects your armchair, sofa or bed. What's more it helps to prevent unwanted hair and odours on your furniture. It's stylish quilted fabric combined with its tanned diamond stitching looks stylish and sophisticated, looking beautiful in any home.

The Scruffs Wilton Sofa Dog Bed features a soft and comfy sleep area with a padded bumper lined with soft beige faux fur. So your pooch will enjoy blissful R & R. Additionally, it features a soft touch Scruffs logo and non-slip base.

Don't worry if the Dog Bed gets a bit muddy. Simply remove the cover and pop it into the washing machine at 30 degrees. Wilton Dog Beds aren't suitable for tumble drying or bleaching. Wilton Sofa Dog Beds are made from 100% polyester.

Scruffs Wilton Sofa Dog Bed size medium measures 65 x 70 x 12 cm.

How do I decide which size Scruffs Wilton Sofa Dog Mattress to buy?

In order to check the correct size bed/mattress for your dog (depending on whether they are a "sprawler" or a "curler") visit the Scruffs Size Guide

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