Scruffs Kensington Box Dog Bed - Grey - XL


Scruffs Kensington Box Dog Bed - Grey - XL provides great support for your dog. With a stylish outer layer made from eco-suede and a 100% polyester deep fill, this Dog Bed will keep your dog in supreme comfort while they rest. 

Why should I buy Scruffs Kensington Box Dog Bed - Grey - XL?

This is a box shaped bed with high walls and sides. Therefore, it's ideal for larger dogs that still prefer to curl up while napping. Its deep fill provides good support within the nest of the bed, while the high sided rear protects your pooch from cold draughts. Plus. with a suede outer cover made with eco-friendly material, it not only looks great but is practical too. Simply zip off the outer and wash in the machine at 30 degrees to remove dog hair and dirt. 

What are the measurements of this Dog Bed?

Item measures 90 x 70 x 24cm

How do I decide which size Scruffs Dog Mattress to buy?

Please note that this product description and images are a guide only. To get the best possible fit for your dog, please ensure to take your dog's measurements and compare them to the Scruffs Size Guide.

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