Scruffs Hilton Orthopaedic Dog Bed - Burgundy - XL

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Scruffs Hilton Orthopaedic Dog Bed - Burgundy - XL

Scruffs Hilton Orthopaedic Dog Bed is a fantastic bed for larger dogs. This premium Dog Bed is filled with crumb memory foam to help support your dogs joints, back and body.

Why should I buy Scruffs Hilton Orthopaedic Dog Bed?

Scruffs Hilton Orthopaedic dog bed is specifically designed to provide extra support for your larger breed of dog. This luxurious and supportive mattress is filled with dense particle crumb memory foam.

You'll be pleased to know that the memory foam of this dog bed moulds to the shape of your pet's body. This provides ultimate support for their joints and bones. This padding means that your four-legged friend can enjoy more comfortable rests and a better quality of sleep.

Additionally, Scruffs Hilton Orthopaedic Dog Bed has a removable outer cover. Plus it features a durable yet comfy faux hessian chenille top with faux leather side walls.

What's more, the water resistant inner liner protects the memory foam from water and unpleasant odours. As well as this, the cover has a non-slip base. It is also machine washable at 30 degrees. You should only use mild detergent and do not bleach or tumble dry. 

Size: X Large: 120cm x 75cm (47" x 29.5") Measurement is when the bed is flat, once the filling has expanded the length/width are shorter than brand measurements supplied.

How do I decide which size Scruffs Hilton Orthopaedic Dog Bed to buy?

In order to check the correct size bed/mattress for your dog (depending on whether they are a "sprawler" or a "curler") visit the Scruffs Size Guide

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