Scruffs Expedition Box Dog Bed - Chocolate - XL


Scruffs Expedition Box Bed - Chocolate

Scruffs Expedition Box Dog Bed Chocolate mattresses are designed with one piece. The middle pad is the main section which keeps the bed sturdy. Filled with green fibre which is a totally recycled material, your dog is guaranteed a comfortable bed and will enjoy its cushioning and insulation. 

Why should I buy Scruffs Expedition Box Dog Bed?

Scruffs Expedition Box Dog Beds are ideal for dirty dogs that enjoy beach navigation and data collection along muddy tracks. These Box Beds incorporate a heavy-duty, 600 denier fabric in the hard wearing outer cover. The fabric's backing and non-slip base are 100% waterproof.

Size: Extra Large: 90 x 70  

How do I decide which size Scruffs Expedition Box Dog Bed to buy?

In order to check the correct size bed/mattress for your dog (depending on whether they are a "sprawler" or a "curler") visit the Scruffs Size Guide

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