Scruffs Cosy Dog Mattress - Grey - Large


Scruffs Cosy Dog Mattress - Grey - Large

Scruffs Cosy Dog Mattress - Grey - Large makes a super-soft pad for your larger dog to relax on. It combines a suede section and plush upper layer with a non-slip base, making this Dog Bed comfortable and safe for using anywhere.

Why Should I buy Scruffs Cosy Dog Mattress - Grey - Large?

This rectangular dog mattress is a soft, washable Dog Bed that's ideal for dogs that like to sprawl out as they sleep. It has a two-part construction: a base, made from two-tone faux suede, and a plush top. As a result, it's firm to support your dog's joints, and very soft and fluffy where your dog lays its head.

What's more, the recycled PET fibre isn't just good for the environment: it provides great cushioning and insulation too. So, you can pop this mattress on a cold floor and to give your pooch better protection from chilly tiles and door draughts. Its non slip base make it a safe bet, even on wooden and lino floors.

The Scruffs embroidery marks this out as a quality bed, which is made in the UK. Finally, it's machine washable at 30 degrees, making it practical as well as good to look at.

What Size Is This Dog Mattress?

This item measures 100 x 70cm  (39" x 27.5")

Please note: Do not use these images as a specific size representation. Before ordering, please refer to the Scruffs Size Guide to determine whether it is a good fit for your pet.

Washing instructions

Machine wash at 30 degrees. Do not bleach or tumble dry.


Suede: 100% polyester
Plush 100% polyester
Base: 100% polyester
Fill: 100% recycled (PET) fibre

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