Scruffs Chester Mattress Dog Bed - Graphite - L


Scruffs Chester Mattress Dog Bed - Graphite - L

Scruffs Chester Mattress Dog Bed is a luxurious crash pad for your hound. It combines a rich chenille outer with a soft, short pile plush fabric to ensure a cosy and warm space to rest in. 

Why should I buy Scruffs Chester Mattress Dog Bed?

Scruffs Chester Mattress Dog Bed is accentuated with suedette piping plus a centre patch of embossed 'Scruffs' logo. The base is non-slip and the bed is machine washable. Using an integral 100% recycled green fibre filling, the mattress is secured in four places to provide ultimate cushioning to improve the  durability during washing.

Scruffs Chester Mattress size large measures 100 x 70 x 8cm

How do I decide which size Scruffs Chester Mattress Dog Bed to buy?

In order to check the correct size bed/mattress for your dog (depending on whether they are a "sprawler" or a "curler") visit the Scruffs Size Guide

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