Sanicat Beauticat Woodbase Cat Litter - 30L

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Sanicat Beauticat Woodbase Cat Litter is a hygienic cat litter which is super absorbent. What's more as it is made from plants it is better for the environment.

Why Should I Buy Sanicat Beauticat Woodbase Cat Litter?

Beauticat Woodbase Cat Litter is a first rate feline Healthcare product which is made from wood pellets. So it is sustainable and better for the planet. Not only is this cat litter really absorbent, it helps  to keep your house free from unpleasant odours. Furthermore as this is a natural product it may be composted.

Sanicat Beauticat is not only really absorbent, the wood is gentle on paws. So it makes the whole Cat litter tray experience much better for you and puss.

What Is In Sanicat Beauticat Woodbase Cat Litter?

Beauticat is made from wood sawdust pellets. That's all!

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