Royal Canin Kitten Pack

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Royal Canin Kitten Pack

Royal Canin Kitten Pack is the perfect starter kit for kittens. It contains wet and dry Cat Food as well as a load of goodies for your new pet.

Why Should I Buy Royal Canin Kitten Pack?

Royal Canin Kitten Pack is just the thing to give your new kitten. This fab starter pack includes dry and wet Royal Canin Cat Food to get your puss off to the best start in life. Not only that, with a cool metal bowl, blanket, play tunnel and catnip ball, your bundle of fur will be kept happy for hours on end. Specially put together for kittens aged from 4 to 12 months old, this is the perfect pack to welcome your new furry friend to your home.

Each Royal Canin Kitten Pack has a 400g bag of dry kitten food and 3 x 85g pouches of wet food. Royal Canin Kitten Food provides essential nutrition to support growth and development during the early life stages. This includes antioxidants for the immune system and highly digestible protein and prebiotics to support the digestive system. What's more it contains the perfect balance of protein, minerals and vitamins. Such as calcium and vitamin D. Which means that your feline friend has plenty of energy and vitality during this intensive growth period.

What is included in Royal Canin Kitten Pack?

1 x Royal Canin Second Age Kitten Food 440g

3 x Kitten In Gravy Wet Food Pouches 85g

1 x Fleece Blanket

1 x Metal Bowl

1 x Kitten Tunnel

1 x Kitten Guide

How Much Royal Canin Second Age Kitten Food Should I Give To My Cat?

Royal Canin Kitten Pack Feeding Guide

* Feeding amounts should be adjusted to suit your individual pet, based on their body condition score and other factors. Please consult your vet for more advice. Water should be readily available at all times. 

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