Pillow Wad Shavings Bale Bedding - 20kg

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Pillow Wad Shavings Bale Bedding - 20kg is perfect bedding for small animals because it is absorbent and hygienic.  Made from 100% kiln dried natural softwood it is also biodegradable.

Why Should I Buy Pillow Wad Shavings Bale Bedding?

Pillow Wad Shavings Bale Bedding is the ideal bedding for keeping your small furry pets cage clean and tidy. Because it is made from 100% dried softwood it is really absorbent and therefore really hygienic. In addition the natural aroma of softwood is great for masking odours. Meaning your cage stays clean and fresh for longer. Pillow Wad Shavings are a natural and environmentally friendly product. As it is is completely biodegradable it is ideal for composting so it won't fill up landfill sites.

Pillow Wad Shavings Bale Bedding can be used with a wide range of small pets including RabbitsGuinea Pigs, Rats, Chinchilla, Hamsters or Gerbils. It is also suitable for larger animals such as GoatsPigs and Horses. This large 20kg bale will keep your furry friend's home clean and fresh for weeks at a time.

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