Pettex Roman Aquarium Gravel - Natural Lakeland - 2kg

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Pettex Roman Aquarium Gravel - Natural Lakeland enhances the look of any fish tank. It is non-toxic, suitable for all types of tanks and is perfect as a planting medium.

Why Should I Buy Pettex Roman Aquarium Gravel - Natural Lakeland?

Pettex Roman Gravel is a great choice when setting up an Aquatic environment. This decorative gravel comprises a range of natural coloured stones. It is non-toxic to fish and improves anaerobic activity in the aquarium. What's more, being a finer size Pettex Roman Gravel is ideal as a planting medium and so encourages root growth. Suitable for cold water, tropical and salt water tanks. It really looks the part and helps to make fish keeping trouble free.

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