Petlife Wipe Out Household Flea Spray - 500ml

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Petlife Wipe Out Household Flea Spray breaks the life cycle and prevents re-infestation of pets in your home. This product is not for use on pets.

Why Should I Buy Petlife Wipe Out Household Flea Spray?

Petlife Wipe Out Household Flea Spray is an environmental treatment for fleas and is designed for use for carpets and bedding and is not suitable for use on pets.

Ideal for dog and Cat Healthcare, this spray renders adult fleas permanently immobile and prevents the eggs and pupae from hatching. The treatment coats fleas and their larvae in a sticky silicone trap and breaks the life cycle and therefore prevents re-infestation.

Some of the many benefits of Petlife Wipe Out Household Flea Spray include that it's free of pesticides, making it good for the environment, you, and your pet. Plus, it reduces the re-infestation of fleas, mites and lice by eliminating all four stages of the life cycle.

You'll love that there's no need to open windows or remove pets from the room, either. This product from Petlife can be used safely around children, plus it's odourless- So there's no funny smells.

Petlife Wipe Out Household Flea Spray reduces airborne allergens by coating fleas and their shells in a sticky trap. As well as this, it remains active after application for up to 6 weeks.

If you're looking for a product to treat your animal directly, grab the Petlife Wipe Out Non Insecticidal Flea Wipes.

Composition: Cyclomethicone, Polymethyldisiloxane, Butane, Isobutane, Propane

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