Petlife Vetbed Gold Cat / Dog Bed - Charcoal - 10m Full Roll


Petlife Vetbed Gold Cat / Dog Bed - Charcoal - 10m Full Roll

Petlife Vetbed Gold Cat / Dog Bed is a thick and comfortable Dog Bed which helps to provide effective control of bacteria, mildew, mould and fungi.

Why Should I Buy Petlife Vetbed Gold Cat / Dog Bed?

Petlife Vetbed Gold Cat / Dog Bed is the first of its kind in the world. This unique veterinary bedding for dogs and cats is hard wearing and practical. Widely used by professionals and vets, this Dog Bed has a range of benefits for your pup. Plus, the Petlife Vetbed Gold Cat / Dog Bed features additional hygienic properties.

What's more, the Petlife Vetbed Gold Cat / Dog Bed incorporates Ultra-Fresh fibre which is an anti-microbial agent. This fibre provides effective control of bacteria, mould, fungi and mildew over the bed's lifetime. This means that your pup will always be in a more hygienic environment. As well as this, it helps to reduce smells and odours which are often caused by these microbes.

This Dog Bed is great if your pet suffers from skin allergies or if they are sensitive to dust mites. This is because the anti-bacterial properties of this pet bedding means that dead skin is prevented from decaying thus reducing dust mites.

This pet bedding from Petlife has been tested for a reduction in bacteria rate in ISO tests 99.9% greater than against control standard. It can also be regularly machine washed at up to 95 degrees Celsius without deteriorating. 

The 10m Full Roll measures 152.40cm in width.

Is Petlife Vetbed Gold Cat / Dog Bed Suitable For My Pet?

Petlife Vetbed Gold Cat / Dog Bed is suitable for a huge range of animals, including cats, dogs and rabbits. It's also suitable for young animals, as the drainage properties are perfect in the event of an accident. As well as this, it's suitable for elderly animals due to the heat retaining properties of the fibres.

Additionally, Petlife Vetbed Gold Cat / Dog Bed is ideal for convalescing pets. It is also recommended by vets for animals requiring hospitalisation. Last but not least, this Dog Bed is ideal for mothers and litters toasty and warm by retaining body heat. Plus, it reduces the risk of hypothermia. It's an ideal texture for young animals to learn mobility, providing a good grip.

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