Petlife Oxbow Alfalfa Hay For Small Pets - 425g

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Petlife Oxbow Alfalfa Hay For Small Pets is a high-fibre legume forage hay and the protein, it differs from grass hays such as timothy, orchard grass and home in the leaf, stem, and root structure.

Why Should I Buy Petlife Oxbow Alfalfa Hay For Small Pets?

Petlife Oxbow Alfalfa Hay For Small Pets has higher levels of calcium and energy content than grass hay. Plus, this Petlife Oxbow Alfalfa Hay has a soft stem with the leaves attached.

High in protein, energy and calcium legume hay. Perfect for young, lactating, ill or post-surgical animals. This hay is a great guinea pig or Rabbit food. Has the same long-strand fibre found in grass hays, and with more protein, energy and calcium. Perfect for animals requiring concentrated nutrition there could be young or lactating, ill or post-surgical. Mixed with any other Oxbow grass hay creates a flavoursome and rich nutritious treat. 425g/15oz bag.

Ingredients: Alfalfa Hay. Preservative and additive free. Also contains stems, leaves, and limited seed heads.

Nutritional Information For Petlife Oxbow Alfalfa Hay For Small Pets

Crude Protein (min)
Crude Fat (min)
Crude Fibre (min)
Moisture max                                           


How Much Petlife Oxbow Alfalfa Hay For Small Pets Should I Give To My Pet?

For growing animals between 0 - 6 months: Unlimited amounts plus free choice grass hay. 

Mature Animals: Occasional small amounts.

For Nursing Females: Unlimited amounts in addition to free choice grass hay.

Petlife Oxbow Alfalfa Hay should be offered carefully to elderly animals due to the higher protein and calcium content.

Some vets believe that animals prone to kidney stones, bladder stones or calcium crystals in their urine should always avoid alfalfa. It also can be used to help animals gain weight and will give a nice shine to their fur. Elderly animals should be fed with foods they enjoy, such as alfalfa, when considering quality of life. Also can be used in small amounts as an appetite stimulant for thin or convalescing animals. Once the animals reached age of six months they should begin a gradual transition to 100% grass hay such as Oat Hay, Western Timothy or Orchard Grass.

Petlife Alfalfa Hay can be fed daily to growing animals as 25% of their total dietary intake. Elderly animals should be limited to a SMALL pinch as a treat.

How Do I Store Petlife Oxbow Alfalfa Hay For Small Pets?

Store hay in its original packaging in a cool and dry location, out of direct sunlight. If you choose to store hay in another container, make sure there is adequate ventilation.

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