Petlife Flecta Hi Vis Dog Jacket - Orange / Camouflage

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Petlife Flecta Hi Vis Dog Jacket is a  lightweight Hi-Vis Dog Coat with thermal insulation. This makes it ideal for keeping your pet safe and warm on winter mornings and nights.

Why Should I Buy The Petlife Flecta Hi Vis Dog Jacket?

Petlife Flecta Hi Vis Dog Jacket is lined with Flectalon, a highly effective thermal insulator developed by NASA. This lining radiates 95% of heat back onto your dog, preventing heat loss in temperatures as low as minus 5 degrees Celsius.

The outer layer is made from a high-visibility fluorescent fabric and has reflective strips for maximum visibility. Consequently, the Petlife Flecta Hi Vis Dog Jacket outperforms any other dog coat currently on the market for comfort, safety and thermal efficiency.

Some features of the Petlife Flecta Hi Vis Dog Jacket include that its high visibility strip reflect light at night which provides safety for both pup and owner. Plus, the outer fabric is shower proof, meaning those long walks won't get ruined if it starts to rain.

If your dog is a nightmare to get in this kind of thing, don't you worry. The Petlife Flecta Hi Vis Dog Jacket is lightweight and fits easily with its adjustable buckles. Plus, it's machine washable, so you can chuck it in the wash if Bonnie rolls around in the mud!

Available in different sizes – suitable for most body types and breeds
Available in High Vis Yellow, High Vis Orange, navy, pink and camouflage. Measure from your dog's collar to the base of the tail for the perfect fit.

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