Pennine Bird Starter Kit - 43 x 25 x 39 cm


Pennine Bird Starter Kit is made from strong, long lasting wire as well as a durable and easy wipe clean base. This starter kit is ideal for anyone starting out in Aviculture. It contains an Andalusian cage, Bird bath, landing platform and two plastic perches. Additionally, it comes with two feeders, a plastic play swing, sand sheets, cage tidy, mirror and a handy tip leaflet.

Why Should I Choose Pennine Bird Starter Kit?

Pennine Bird Starter Kit measures 43 x 25 x 39 cm and is perfect for keeping your pet bird. This starter kit contains everything you need to get you going in your bird-keeping journey. What's more, it contains a strong wire handle for hanging, making it an ideal home for your bird.

Contains All Accessories

You'll love that the Pennine Bird Starter Kit comes with a bird bath. Plus, a landing platform and two plastic perches allow for activities within the cage. Keep your bird happy with the two included feeders, a plastic play swing, sand sheets, a cage tidy as well as a mirror.

What Are The Specifications For Pennine Bird Starter Kit?

Dimensions: 43 x 25 x 39 cm

Made using strong, durable wire and easy wipe clean base

Includes all essential starter accessories

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