Mr Johnsons Advance Rabbit Food - 10kg

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Mr Johnsons Advance Rabbit Food is a wholesome and nutritious nugget Rabbit Food which helps adult bunnies maintain good health.

Why Should I Buy Mr Johnsons Advance Rabbit Food?

Mr Johnsons Advance Rabbit Food is a delicious mono-component nugget for bunnies. Nutritious and fibrous it provides adult rabbits with a correctly balanced diet. Therefore it helps to overcome selective feeding. All Mr Johnsons small animal foods contain Verm-X, an enhancing and 100% natural herb blend which helps to maintain intestinal hygiene.

Mr Johnsons Advance Rabbit Food is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Essential fibre aids good digestion and dental wear. Whilst Bio-Mos is a natural pre-biotic which helps to maintain a healthy gut flora. To aid joint health and mobility it contains Glucosamine. Another benefit is the addition of yukka extract. Because this reduces urinal ammonia  which makes your bunny's hutch smell cleaner. 

What Is In Mr Johnsons Advance Rabbit Food?

Ingredients: Wheatfeed, oatfeed, alfalfa, wheat, lignocellulose, sunflower seed meal, dried carrot, Verm x herb blend, Bio-moss, Glucosamine, De-odorase.

Nutritional Additives: Vitamin A (E672) 10,000iu/kg; Vitamin D (E671) 1,000iu/kg; Vitamin E 50iu/kg; Iron (E1) 161mg/kg; Manganese (E5) 89mg/kg; Zinc oxide (E6) 69mg/kg; Copper (E4) 12.5mg/kg; Iodine (E2) 0.8mg/kg; Selenium (E8) 0.44mg/kg 

Analytical Constituents: Crude protein 12.00%; Crude fibre 17.00%; Crude oils & fats 3.00%; Crude ash 5.00%; Calcium 0.60%; Lysine 0.42%; Phosphorous 0.32%; Sodium 0.20%; Methionine 0.17%

How much Mr Johnsons Advance Rabbit Food can I feed to my Rabbit?

Feed Mr Johnsons Advance Rabbit Food as recommended on the packet. Advance Rabbit Food is a complementary food and should be fed in conjunction with plenty of fresh hay. A portion of fresh greens should be fed daily. Always ensure that plenty of fresh clean drinking water is available.

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