Kong Wobbler Dog Toy - Red - Large

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Kong Wobbler Dog Toy is a stimulating toy and food dispenser all in one. It will keep your four-legged friend happy for hours on end.

Why should I buy Kong Wobbler Dog Toy?

Kong Wobbler Dog Toy is an extremely tough and durable Dog Accessory designed to keep your pooch happy and content. This natty toy is designed to sit upright and can be nudged with the nose or batted with a paw. Your canine chum can wobble, spin or roll it providing hours of entertainment. Versatile and mentally stimulating the Wobbler will keep your pet busy and prevent boredom.

Kong Wobbler has a base that unscrews so that you can put food inside. A small dispensing hole stimulates a dog's natural instinct to forage for food. It can be a good way to feed your pet; releasing food more slowly, whether they are a fast eater or just plain greedy. This clever Dog Accessory makes a great alternative to a feeding bowl. Working for their food can help dogs shed a few surplus pounds. 

Made of tough rubber, Kong Wobbler can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Kong Wobbler size large is suitable for medium to large sized dogs.

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