Juwel Stone Background Granite

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Juwel Stone Background Granite

Juwel Stone Background Granite adds a stunning backdrop to aquariums. The realistic 3-D natural granite structure will make both fish and plants really stand out.

Why should I buy Juwel Stone Background Granite?

Juwel Stone Background Granite is the perfect addition to any Aquarium. Finished in a natural and dark granite colour it really brings an aquatic environment to life. Because it is a moulded 3-D structure, it adds depth and a natural look to a fish tank. So it really helps exotic fish and colourful plants to stand out. 

Juwel Stone Background Granite is made from highly condensed polyurethane which is coated with epoxy resin. As well as being extremely tough it is also colourfast. Furthermore it can easily be cut to size or used as a multiple modular expansion in a larger Aquarium. Also suitable for use in saltwater aquariums, it measures 60 x 55cm. 

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