Juwel Lido 200 LED Aquarium - Black

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Juwel Lido 200 LED Aquarium - Black

Juwel Lido 200 LED Aquarium is a sleek and stylish top of the range aquarium. It is equipped with state of the art LED lighting and an integrated filter, pump and heater.

Why should I buy Juwel Lido 200 LED Aquarium?

Juwel Rio Lido 200 LED Aquarium is a cutting edge tank for your tropical fish. This super stylish Aquarium features state of the art technology. So it not only shows your fish to maximum effect, but also keeps them in prime condition. Fittings at the highest technical specification add the finishing touch. Including breathtaking MultiLux LED lighting which provides brilliant luminosity. Furthermore, the NATURE LED tubes provide the optimum spectrum of light whilst saving 50% of energy compared to a T5. Ultrasound-sealed, the light unit is 100% waterproof and adheres to European safety standards.

Rio Lido LED 200 boasts a Bioflow M Filter fitted with five high-performance filter media. Therefore, it efficiently circulates and keeps the water sparkly clean with the efficient Eccoflow 600 pump. Furthermore, the AquaHeat 200W automatic heater is embedded in the circulation of the water. So it ensures efficient temperature distribution. All in all it makes the perfect environment for your fish. What's more, it is ideal for use as a seawater aquarium. 

Skilfully made with top quality materials, this is an Aquatics product built to last. Juwel Lido LED 200 Aquarium features a safety base which allows set up of the aquarium with no special supports. To complement the sleek design of the aquarium why not add a matching Juwel SBX Lido 200 Cabinet.

Lido 200 LED Aquarium measures 71 x 51 x 65cm and weighs 40kg. It has a capacity of approx. 200 litres of water.

What's in The Box?

Top of the range Juwel glass aquarium

Dark wood effect lid 

AquaHeat 200W automatic water heater

Eccoflow 600 circulation pump

State of the art MultiLux LED lighting system

Bioflow M Filter System

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