Juwel Eccoflow 500 Aquarium Pump

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Juwel Eccoflow 500 Aquarium Pump is a silent and extremely efficient circulation pump for use with Juwel Filters. 

Why should I buy Juwel Eccoflow 500 Aquarium Pump?

Juwel Eccoflow 500 is a cutting edge flow pump for Aquariums. Because it is one of the latest generation of flow pumps, you will find that its is both silent and effective.  The impellers are on a double bearing system. Because of this the pump is tailored to the rating of the motor. As a result, Eccoflow 500 is efficient, quiet and requires low power input.

Juwel Eccoflow 500 features a bypass flow which automatically cleans the impeller chamber. This helps to keep your Aquarium clean and fresh. Eccoflow 500 assists in maintaining a healthy environment for your fish. Furthermore it complies with the highest safety standards. Eccoflow 500 is for use with Juwel filter systems.

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