Juwel AquaHeat Automatic Heater - 200w

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Juwel AquaHeat Automatic Heater safely and reliably maintains the correct water temperature in aquariums with tropical fish.

Why should I buy Juwel AquaHeat Automatic Heater?

Juwel AquaHeat Automatic Heater is a great choice of water heater if you have tropical fish in your Aquarium. It is designed to achieve a water temperature of about +28  °C, dependent on room temperature and the size of aquarium. In addition it ensures that there is even heat distribution throughout the aquarium. So exotic fish will be right at home in a tropical climate.

Juwel AquaHeat Automatic Heater has top quality contacts for heating efficiency. Just the ticket for your tropical Aquarium. Furthermore it is made with borosilicate safety glass which is both shock proof and heat resistant. The Aquaheat 200 has a thermostatic control between 20 – 30 °C and measures 30cm in length.  

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