Hikari Gold Koi Food - 10kg


Hikari Gold Koi Food - 10kg

Hikari Gold Koi Food is a colour enhancing, daily diet for your Aquatic fish. It offers improved growth rates, superior form and natural coloration.

Why Choose Hikari Gold Koi Food?

If you are looking for a daily diet food for your Koi and other pond fish in warm water then Hikari Gold Koi Food is the ideal choice. Its carefully selected ingredients promote active colour enhancement. Whereas, the vitamin and mineral package helps support immune system health. You'll love that Hikari have been successfully making champions for decades.


It is advised to regularly monitor your water temperature and to adjust the amount and frequency of feeding based on this temperature, the water condition, number and size of fish. Once your fish have eaten, remove any leftover food.

How Much Hikari Gold Koi Food Should I Give My Fish?

For 20-30 degrees: feed 2 - 4 times per day.

For 15-20 degrees - feed no more than twice daily.

What's In Hikari Gold Koi Food?

Crude Protein: min. 35%

Crude Fat: min. 3 %

Crude Fibre: max. 5%

Moisture: max. 10%

Ash: max. 13%

Phosphorus: min. 1.0%

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