Heygates Rabbit Mix - 20kg

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Heygates Rabbit Mix is a superior quality rabbit food fortified with proteins, vitamins and minerals. 

Why should I buy Heygates Rabbit Mix? 

Heygates Rabbits Mix is a premium coarse mix made from locally sourced cereals, flaked peas, minerals and vitamins. It contains 14% protein and 13% fibre.

How much Heygates Rabbit Mix should I feed to my pet?

For growing Rabbits feed pellets or mix according to preference between 100 and 200g. For adult rabbits feed 25g of pellets for each kg of body weight, e.g. for a rabbit weighing 2kg feed 50g per day. Lactating does should be fed 75g per day.

Feed plenty of good quality hay ad lib to aid your pet's digestion. Fresh greens can also be slowly introduced, depending on the size. Always provide plenty of fresh drinking water.

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