Heygates Llama & Alpaca Mix - 20kg


Heygates Llama & Alpaca Mix

Heygates Llama & Alpaca Mix is a superior quality molassed food fortified with proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Why should I buy Heygates Llama & Alpaca Mix? 

Heygates Llama & Alpaca Mix is a premium food which is specially formulated for Llamas and Alpacas with 16% protein and 9% fibre. This coarse mixture includes steam cooked flaked barley, maize, flaked peas, lucerne, sunflower, soya and molasses. It is fully mineralized and contains all the vital nutrients and vitamins these animals need, including Vitamin E - an essential requirement. Heygates Llama is a supplementary feed as good grazing or hay should provide most of an adult Llama's/Alpaca's dietary needs. 

How much Heygates Llama & Alpaca Mix should I feed to my animals?

Start feeding females in the final three months of pregnancy. Introduce a small amount of food and gradually increase up to a maximum daily amount of 1kg (Alpacas require less). Carry on feeding during the first three months of lactation and slowly reduce the amount leading up to weaning.  Young and growing animals may be fed up to 1kg daily as a minimum of two feeds. Always provide plenty of forage and fresh drinking water.

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