Heygates Creepgrow Pellets Pig Food - 20kg


Heygates Creepgrow Pellets Pig Food

Heygates Creepgrow Pellets are for creep feeding piglets before and during weaning.

Why should I buy Heygates Creepgrow Pellets? 

Heygates Creepgrow Pellets are formulated for creep feeding young Pigs. Creep feeding is introducing a solid diet to piglets whilst they are still suckling the sow. This prepares their digestive system for weaning. Creepgrow Pellets can be used during the early growing phase through to later weaning. They contain 22% protein and 3.5% fibre.

How much Heygates Creepgrow Pellets should I feed to my animals?

Start feeding Creepgrow Pellets at about 3 to 4 weeks old and feed freely until 10 or 11 weeks old (approx 35kg liveweight).  Always provide plenty of fresh drinking water.

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