Heygates Country Herb Goat Mix - 20kg

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Heygates Country Herb Goat Mix

Heygates Country Herb Goat Mix is a premium lightly molassed food fortified with proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Why should I buy Heygates Country Herb Goat Mix? 

Heygates Country Herb Goat Mix is a high quality food which is specially formulated for Goats. This coarse mixture includes steam cooked flaked barley, maize, flaked peas, lucerne, sunflower, soya and molasses. It contains 16% protein and 7.5% fibre with all the vital nutrients and vitamins goats require, including Vitamin E. This is a fully mineralised feed and, in most cases, no other supplement should be needed

How much Heygates Country Herb Goat Mix should I feed to my animals?

Start feeding approx. 0.25kg per day and gradually increase the amount on a daily basis. An adult goat requires between 0.5kg and 1kg on a daily basis when also fed with hay. The amount depends on the size of the animal and it is recommended to feed as at least two feeds.

Milking goats should be fed approx. three weeks prior to kidding and about 0.5kg of feed per day at kidding. 2 kg of feed per day will be required to support 5 litres of milk production.  Always provide plenty of forage and fresh drinking water.

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