Henry Wag Elevated Dog Bed - S / M / L / XL

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Henry Wag Elevated Dog Bed makes bedtime a joy for your four legged friend. With a comfy raised platform, it provides numerous health benefits.

Why should I buy Henry Wag Elevated Dog Bed?

Henry Wag Elevated Dog Bed provides the ultimate sleeping experience for your doggie. With a sturdy metal frame, wooden base and a woven fabric sleeping area it keeps your pet raised off the floor. No more cold flagstones and the side walls protect your pooch from draughts. Canines can really benefit from a raised Dog Bed because of the extra support it provides. The solid board really helps to support their back and hips.

Another benefit of Henry Wag Elevated Dog Bed is its suitability in all weathers. The elevated platform helps air to circulate helping to keep Fido cool in the summer and warm and toasty in winter. The washable fabric cover is tightly woven and doesn't absorb water. This means that the quick drying surface reduces the build up of bacteria. This, in turn, reduces nasty niffs and keeps the sleeping area nice and fresh. Your four-legged friend can enjoy a blissful night's sleep so they are fit and relaxed for the new day.

What size Henry Wag Elevated Dog Bed should I choose for my Dog?

Henry Wag Elevated Dog Bed comes in four sizes to suit different dog breeds and sizes:

Small: sleeping area 51 x 34cm suitable for dogs up to 10 kg. Assembled size: 51 x 40 x 30cm

Medium: sleeping area 65 x 51cm suitable for dogs up to 15kg. Assembled size 71 x 57 x 30cm

Large: sleeping area 80 x 66cm suitable for dogs up to 35kg. Assembled size 86 x 76 x 30cm

X Large: sleeping area 101 x 81cm suitable for dogs up to 65kg. Assembled size 107 x 87 x 30cm

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