Harrisons Peanut Kernels - 25kg


Harrisons Peanut Kernels are a high energy food for Wild Birds and will attract many species into your garden.

Why Should I Buy Harrisons Peanut Kernels?

Harrisons Peanut Kernels are high quality nuts and certified Aflatoxin safe. They are a great source of protein for wild Birds, particularly during the cold winter months. This is due to their high oil and protein levels. Peanuts kernels are popular with a wide variety of wild birds including spotted woodpeckers, tits, finches and nuthatches.

It is recommended to feed Harrisons Peanut Kernels in a special feeder which makes it easier for birds to eat them and avoids the risk of choking. Feed as part of a mixed diet and always ensure that there is plenty of fresh water for birds to drink and bathe in.

What is in Harrisons Peanut Kernels

Ingredients: Peanuts
Nutritional Information: Protein 26.4%, Fat 32.4%, Fibre 13.9%, Moisture 5.6%, Ash 2.9%
Energy Equivalent: 528 KCal/100gms

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