Harrisons Loose Wild Bird Fat Balls - 50

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Harrisons Loose Wild Bird Fat Balls are a great way to attract Wild Birds into your garden. Packed with seeds and oils they are an excellent source of energy.

Why Should I Buy Harrisons Loose Wild Bird Fat Balls?

Harrisons Loose Wild Bird Fat Balls are a great way to feed a whole host of birds in your garden. Packed with fat, oil and seeds they are a vital energy source, particularly during the cold winter months. Fat balls are enjoyed by many different species of Birds including tits, finches, robins, sparrows and nuthatches.

The convenient box of 50 fat balls will keep your feathered friends for weeks at a time. What's more, because they don't come in nets, they are much more friendly to the environment. Harrisons Fat balls can be fed all year round and are especially suitable during the winter. Best fed from a wire bird feeder, they can also be fed on a bird table or even on the ground.

What is in Harrisons Loose Wild Bird Fat Balls?

Ingredients: Cereals, Fats & Oils (19%), Seeds (8%), Minerals.
Analysis: Fat 18%, Protein 9%, Fibre 4.0%, Ash 9.5%
Energy: 406 Kcal/100gms

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