Halti Dog Headcollar - Black - Size 3

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Halti Dog Headcollar - Black - Size 3

Halti Dog Headcollar is a comfortable and lightweight alternative to a Dog Collar. It will stop even the most willful dogs from pulling.

Why Should I Buy Halti Dog Headcollar?

Halti Dog Headcollar makes a great alternative to a traditional Dog Collar. It is a kinder and highly effective way of controlling a dog. Furthermore it gives you peace of mind because it is both strong and secure. What's more a Halti Headcollar is nice and comfy for your doggie to wear as it has a neoprene padded noseband with adjustable straps. There is even a reflective band for night time safety.

Halti Dog Headcollar is recommended by vets and canine experts worldwide. It gently guides your dog by the head and prevents the risk of choking. The secure safety link clips on to your lead. You can relax and enjoy dog walks without being pulled along.

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