Go-Cat Dry Cat Food - Salmon & Vegetables - 2kg

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Go-Cat Dry Cat Food - Salmon & Vegetables - 2kg

Go-Cat Dry Cat Food - Salmon & Vegetables  is a fully balanced complete adult cat food with tasty salmon and essential vitamins and minerals.

Why Should I Buy Go-Cat Dry Cat Food - Salmon & Vegetables?

Go-Cat Dry Cat Food - Salmon & Vegetables is the perfect complete and balanced cat food with the optimum amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep your feline friend in tip-top condition. It contains natural fibres for good digestion and healthy salmon protein to keep muscles toned and healthy.

Go-Cat Dry Cat Food - Salmon & Vegetables is fortified with essential vitamins including Vitamin D to keep teeth and bones strong and balanced minerals for urinary tract health. Go-Cat is free from artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives.

What Is In Go-Cat Dry Cat Food - Salmon & Vegetables?

Ingredients: Cereals, Meat and animal derivatives, Vegetable protein extracts, Oils and fats, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Fish and fish derivatives (1.6%*), Minerals, Vegetables (0.6%**), Yeasts.

*equivalent to 4% fish and fish derivatives, with min. 4% salmon in fish kibbles, equivalent to 3% salmon in product.

**equivalent to 4% rehydrated vegetables in tripod kibbles, with 0/5% equivalent to 1% vegetables in product.

Nutritional Additives: IU/kg: Vit A: 12 500 ; Vit D3: 1 000. Mg/kg: Fe(E1): 145; I(3b202): 2.4; Cu(E4): 35; Mn(E5): 15; Zn(3b605): 182; Se(E8): 0.23; Taurine: 870

Nutritional Analysis: Protein: 30%, Fat content: 11%, Crude ash: 8%, Crude fibres: 3%, Linoleic acid: 1.8%, Arachidonic acid: 0/%.

How Much Go-Cat Dry Cat Food - Salmon & Vegetables Should I Give To My Cat?

Many different factors will influence the amount of food a cat needs including age, rate of metabolism, activity level and temperament. Keep an eye on your cat's weight and adjust amount of food accordingly. Always make sure that clean and fresh drinking water is made available.

Cat Weight                    Daily Amount

3kg                                  50g

4kg                                  70g

5kg                                  90g

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