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Farm Food Rawhide Dental Roll

Farm Food Rawhide Dental Roll is the dried, second layer of the skin of cattle. These chew bones come from free-range cattle hides of European cattle, kept to produce local meat. These hand folded rolls, dried in an oven, have no harmful chemicals added to them. Therefore your dog chews a clean, pure and safe product.

Why Should I choose Farm Food Rawhide Dental Roll?

Farm Food Rawhide Dental Rolls are rigid but completely digestible. As your dog's saliva comes into contact with the bone during chewing, a natural collagen protein is released. This collagen dissolves plaque.

However, before the hide reaches a soft consistency, the sanding action during chewing cleans your dog's teeth. As your dog has to do a lot of chewing not only does this dog treat  help prevent obesity - but their brain releases endorphins which relaxes your dog. Resulting in a relaxed dog with clean teeth and fresh breath - perfect!

What's in Farm Food Rawhide Dental Roll?

Farm Food Rawhide is manufactured in Europe according to HACCP guidelines.

Ingredients: 100% Pure dried subcutaneous tissue of beef, no additives.
Analytical constituents: moisture 6.4%, protein 92.8%, fat 0.2%, ash 0.2%, crude fibre 0.4%

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